About Us

Kelvin Alexander and Hill is an international management consulting group specializing in strategy deployment planning and process improvement for sustainable performance results.

We collaborate with our clients to design strategy deployment plans to align “Strategy, People, Systems, and Processes” for operational excellence and to ensure effective execution of strategic breakthrough goals.  Since 1993 we have partnered with the best for proven results. Our mission is your success.

We are your objective source of strategy deployment expertise, from planning through successful execution. Adding Kelvin Alexander and Hill to the team provides strategic and tactical resources to advise, design, educate or manage your deployment project. We deliver expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Are you ready to close the gap between your annual strategic plan and underwhelming results? Explore our service offerings, then add KAH to your team.

Why Us?

Our focus is your strategy execution success and maintaining our credibility and integrity throughout each client relationship. We don’t want your short-term business; we want your long-term business success.

We enhance our core offerings expertise available to you by partnering with the best application and service providers, to deliver the finest proven and effective solution options.

One size does not fit all. We recognize that each client’s strategy deployment challenge is unique; understanding that distinction is key in developing successful strategy execution plans enterprise wide.

Using a disciplined approach to understanding requirements; decision making; planning and performance tracking provides the foundation for success execution.