C. Bailey King


C.Bailey King

Bailey King


Bailey is Kelvin Alexander and Hill’s President of the Americas. He is a founding member and managing partner responsible for strategy deployment, and organizational transformation client services. His primary mission is client strategy execution success, talent acquisition, growth and expansion of the firm’s strategic alliances. He has been the architect and has led the implementation and management of over 100 enterprise strategy deployment projects.

Bailey is wired to uncover the passion and purpose that fuels people and companies. He is tireless in pursuing the connection points for meaningful change inside and outside of an organization. Everything he does is delivered with a determination for inspiring collaboration, helping others solve the problem, and uncover opportunity. He brings a blend of common sense, passion and logic to every project, and has spent over 20 years helping to transform large, multinational companies. He has held leadership roles in technology, non-profit and industrial market segments.

Bailey has consulted with Fortune 100 clients in Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Industrial Services, Health Care, Technology, Insurance, and Public Education.  He consults regularly with Executives from a variety of fields to help create synergistic solutions to process performance and strategy execution challenges. Author of The Blueprint Strategy Deployment and Execution “Leadership and Enterprise Culture Effect”  (The Chandler Group 2011) and co-author Strategy Deployment EPEP “Enterprise People Engagement Practices” (2014).